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The men who ushered in the 90s

The Aerospace Engineers

Abhijit Sachdev (Sachu) : Graduated from the Univ of Texas at Arlington, working for Qualcomm in San Diego.

Mayuresh Patil ( Pagla ):Finished his PhD from Georgia Tech...??

Vivek Jayaraman: Graduated from the Univ of Florida. Married to Malathi from our batch.

Vineet Thakar: Working for ESSO (Exxon to the Amrus) in Bombay. Married and a proud father.

The Solitary Civil Engineer

Nagender Singh Kataria: ???

The Chemical Engineers

Jaideep Deodhar ( JD ): Graduated from IIML, happily married since June '02. Presently in Delhi.

Nomula Srinivas ( Nun ): Finished his PhD from the Univ of Delaware, married for more than a year. Presently in South Carolina.

Sameer Phayde: Working for Kanbay Software Ltd. in Chicago. Married too.

Sandeep Mulye ( Mule ): Jumped onto the IT bandwagon. Married and a proud father of twins.

Sivaramakrishnan Iyer ( Shiva ): Finished his MBA from UMCP, presently in Minneapolis with Honeywell. Happily married, and a very recent proud father.

Yashpal Singh: Working in the Bay Area for Applied Materials, and doing a part-time MBA from Berkeley.

The Electrical Engineers

Aakash Rao ( Sky ): Both he and his wife are with Sun Microsystems in the Bay Area.

Jitendra Mohan (Duh) : Working for National Semiconductor.. married to Swapna Samant ('95 Civil).. father of a bouncing boy.

Lalit Bohra: Sent an email a few months back.. is doing software..

Manoj Bhat ( Pooja ): Working for HCL in New Delhi. To be married in a week.

Rajiv Kumar: Graduating from UMich with his PhD.

Siddharth Budhraja( Budhi ): Finished his MS from Missouri-Rolla. Working for Ericsson in San Diego.

Tarun Harnatka ( Bihari): Working for Motorola in Chicago, and doing a part-time MBA from UChicago. Married too.

The Mechanical Engineers

Ashim Prasad: Was working for Verifone.. presently ??

Jaydeep Roy ( Jhandu ): Finally finished his PhD from Johns Hopkins. Working for a startup in Baltimore (Batlimore in his case)

K.V.S. Ravi: Finishing his 2nd Masters' from UKentucky. Will be most likely moving to CA for his PhD.

Saurabh Pandey: Graduated from Ohio University, now working for Caterpillar Corporation. Married, and soon to be a dad.

Vellanki Venugopal ( Venu ): Working in Hyderabad for a Boston-based startup

The Metallurgical Engineers

Jayprakash Chipalkatti ( Chipal ): Working for PMC-Sierra. Happily married for a while now.

Manoj Gupta ( Mama ): Heard from him after a long time. Working for Essar, married and a dad.

Ramesh Chander Dhaker: Last reported working for SAIL at Durgapur

S. Satish Kumar ( Pidlu ): Working for Infosys in Madras. Happily married.

Uday Mahajan ( Mickey ): Finished his PhD from University of Florida, and joined Intel Corp.

Vinay Joshi ( Small ): Working for ABB in Bombay

The Engineering Physicists

Binto John: Working for Intel in Buffalo. Married and a proud daddy too.

Haris Kudrolli: Finished his PhD from Boston University. Working in Boston now.

Nevin Mathew: Working for Intel in Sacramento. Got married too.

The Chemists ( Who unfortunately graduated 1 yr. after us )

Ajay Purohit ( Puro ): Was doing his PhD at North Eastern Univ. Married.

Piyush Wadhwa ( Pussy ): Still with ICICI. Happily married and enjoying life.

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