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IIT Bombay Metallurgy Class of '94

I still remember those peaceful days, when we Dnots (IITB slang ) used to hang out around the coffee shack,swigging away the potent brew and discussing every topic under the sun. Classes were rarely, if ever attended. Life was good.

There were some anxious moments, however. When BTP ( B.Tech. Project ) submission or End-sem( Semester end examinations)time came closer, everybody would suddenly go into a frenzy of activity for the next few weeks, almost everybody, that is. There were a few hard core lukkhas ( slang ) whom nothing could faze, and it's thanks to those guys that I wasn't at the bottom of my class.

A list of my ex-classmates ( Roll Number wise )

Deepak Agrawal ( G Saahab ): Abbe yaar...presently working in SAIL, Pune

Yogesh Wadadekar ( Wada ): Stargazing at IUCAA, Pune

S. Srikanth (Pops, Bald Eagle, Takla etc. ): Finished his MS from UCF, presently working with lasers and turbine blades in Atlanta. Got engaged recently (can you believe it), to a UCF batchmate

Praneet Khanna: Doing his MBA in the Philippines.

Shrikrishna Panshikar ( Panshi ): Syntel Software

B. Bhaskar Srinivas: Doing his PhD at Penn State

Manoj Acharya ( Heee hee.. hee...): Started his own Compy consultancy(?)

Vijay Prabhakaran ( LTTE, Pseud Man, Bison etc. ): Deadly guy he is..slogging away at UCSD

Sanjay Vyas ( Mota ): Grown even fatter while working for Indicus (s/ware). Now a happily married man.

Ganesh Mahadevan ( Gans, Donald Duck ): Did his MBA from REC Trichy.. missing since then.

S.A. Arun ( Sant ): Did his MBA from IIM Cal, presently working for Deloitte & Touche in the US. Supposedly has become a real jet-setter.

Avinash O'Vijh ( O'): Aaaa, Oooo.. Project leader at TCS (!!!).. recently moved to Boston..

Arif Chawalwala( Chawal): Graduated from UDelaware, working in NY

Vijesh Iyer ( Cribbu ): Graduated from IIMA presently ?

Vandana Goyal: Special Steels

Janardhan Sapre ( Swami ): Working for Patni Computers in Boston.

Sudesh Kamath ( Chaggu, Doggie etc ): Doing his PhD (???) at Penn State

Srinivasan RajgopalanSrinivasan Rajgopalan( Srini, Bhainsa(buffalo) ): PhD at Ohio State..Aaaay Srini

Vinay Joshi ( Small, Joshyaa, Balwant ): Working for a furnace design firm..

Niraj Bajaj ( Nabard ): Unknown whereabouts, but guaranteed to be in NBD

R.Venkatesh ( Venky ): Infosys Technologies

B.R. Jagadish ( Jaggu ): Infosys Technologies

R. Balasubramanya ( Balu, Balsu, Balls etc ): TCS

Anurag Thakur: Univ. of Manitoba

Alpa Khushwaha: Georgia Tech

Ramesh Chander Dhaker ( Dhakkan ): SAIL ing along at Durgapur when last heard of

Sushil Gupta: ???

Manoj Gupta ( Mamaji ):???

Uday Mahajan ( Mickey ): Unknown, rumoured to be in hiding from his advisor at the Univ of Florida

Jayprakash Chipalkatti ( Chipal ): At The Univ of British Columbia

S.Satish Kumar ( Pidlu, Prof ): Infosys Technologies, Infinite stud over there

Rajesh Kumar Panda: Finished his PhD from Rutgers

P.Sujith Kumar ( Suzy ): Working (software) in Dallas.. married, and raking in the greenbacks.

T.Malathi: Graduated from RPI

S.Srikanth ( Lambu ): Become a software big boss in Denver.

Rahul Gupta ( RG ): Graduated from UT Austin, shifted to UCSB for his PhD

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